PI Mitterfellner


The KWKW.opt® application for optimising the energy efficiency of small hydro power stations was developed by PI Mitterfellner and has been in use in the company since August 2010.


Using a systematic procedure, it provides operators of small hydro power stations with a cost-effective means of analysing their station’s improvement potential or assessing different design options for new power stations.


Calculation functions:

  • Pipe friction loss
  • Performance calculation
  • Annual flow volume
  • Annual energy output
  • Rough costs
  • Annual profit
  • Efficiency
  • Financing


Designed to help optimise the energy efficiency of small hydro power stations, the program’s development was funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy fund under the umbrella of the “New Energies 2020” competition.


This software is intended only for internal use and is not commercially available.

Overall concept

KWKW.opt® database:
Provides central data storage and ensures long-term usability of the gathered KWKW.opt® data.

KWKW.opt® database AdminTool:
The administration tool for the KWKW.opt® application. It is used to gather all data required as basis for the actual program.

KWKW.opt® Software application:
This is the actual user or optimisation software. It is used for data acquisition as well as calculation and processing of results.

User interface

The interface of the KWKW.opt® application is tab-based and provides numerous input and viewing options as well as a comprehensive reporting function.

Technical description

Development environment:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Graph/report component:
Developer Express 2010 vol 2

Operating system:
Microsoft Windows 7 (or later)