PI Mitterfellner

Funin Viewer

The Funin Viewer program was developed by PI Mitterfellner and has been in use in the company since September 2011.


For 1D flow calculations with the FluxDSS/Designer or Floris software, cross-section data in Funin (ASCII) format are required.
To simplify the preparation, processing and visualisation of these cross-section data, the Funin Viewer application was developed.


Processing options for cross-section (CRS) data:

  • Graphical representation of Funin files and additional information
  • Graphical representation of PIS files (standardised cross-section format) and conversion to Funin format
  • Reversal of CRS order in Funin file
  • Changing calculated CRS kilometres
  • Shortening CRS
  • Exporting calculated kilometres and main points from a PIS file

This software is intended only for internal use and is not commercially available.

User interface

Dialog box Funin grafisch darstellen provides comprehensive viewing and editing possibilities for cross-section data from Funin files.

Technical description

Development environment:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5)

Graph/Report component:
Developer Express 2010 vol 2

Operating system:
Microsoft Windows 7 (or later)