PI Mitterfellner

Stage-discharge relationship curve calculation - Carinthia

Determination of stage-discharge relationship curves on Carinthian rivers for the flood warning model.

Calculation of stage-discharge relationship curves using computational run-off modelling on behalf of the department of the provincial government of Carinthia, Department 18 – Water Management, subsection Hydrography for use in flood warning model “Carinthia”.

The work comprises the analysis of run-off measurements regarding their flow rates, roughness and gradient. Based on these findings, the water levels for HQ30 and HQ100 were determined using a computational fluid dynamics model. Using the results of the computational analysis, the stage-discharge relationship curves were defined.

The results of the calculations are also used to represent the critical water levels in the water level hydrographs provided by the hydrography.

Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung, Abteilung 18 – Wasserwirtschaft – Hydrographie

Service period:
ab 2006

Measurement stations of the Carinthian hydrographic service: