PI Mitterfellner

Small hydro power station Wöll

Construction of a diversion plant at the Wöllbach river in St. Georgen ob Judenburg in Murtal district.

Kraftwerk Wöll GmbH planned the new construction of a small hydro power plant on the Wöllbach river. PI Mitterfellner was commissioned with the completion of all planning work, including a feasibility study, a pilot study, approval planning as well as detailed planning and overall management. PI Mitterfellner was further responsible for local building supervision and overall management of the planning and construction phase.

This small hydro power station has been designed as a diversion plant. The water intake was executed in the form of a fixed weir with bottom outlet gate and a coanda screen and downstream stilling basin. The penstock, made from ductile cast pipes with a nominal diameter of 400 mm overcomes a height difference of about 210 m at an overall length of about 2000 m. The reinforced concrete power house was built on the orographic right bank of the Wöllbach river adjacent to the B 317 road.  With a three-jet Pelton wheel and an exceptionally quiet water-cooled synchronous generator, the plant generates clean electricity for about 260 households, which is fed into the public grid of utility Energie Steiermark.

Client and operator:
Kraftwerk Wöll GmbH

Service period:
2006 – 2014

Leaflet (German language):
KW Wöll