PI Mitterfellner

Small hydro power station Flitzenbach

Construction of a diversion plant at the Flitzenbach river in the Austrian town of Gaishorn.

The rural community of Gaishorn planned the construction of a small hydro power station on the Flitzenbach river. PI Mitterfellner was commissioned with the completion of all planning work, including a feasibility study, a pilot study, approval planning as well as detailed planning and overall management. Building supervision, funding application and overall management were also carried out by PI.

Designed as a diversion plant and consisting of a catchment in the form of a streambed intake, a penstock made from ductile cast pipes with a nominal diameter of 600 mm, and an overground reinforced concrete power house, the small hydro power station was successfully taken into operation in November 2013. In the course of the power station’s construction, the Flitzenbach river was lined to protect the downstream settlements from flooding. The power station will supply enough clean energy for around 700 households, which will be fed into the local power grid of utility Steweag-Steg GmbH.

Client and operator:
Agrar- Waldgemeinschaft Gaishorn

Service period:
2011 – 2014

Leaflet (German language):
KW Flitzenbach