PI Mitterfellner

Drava-Mura-Crossborder Watermanagement Initiative (DRA-MUR-CI)

In 2009 the Drava-Mura-Crossborder Water Management Initiative project, (DRA-MUR-CI), initiated under the umbrella of the European Territorial Cooperation between Austria and Slovenia has been approved by the program authorities.

In addition to the province of Styria, the project partners include the province of Carinthia and the Republic of Slovenia. Leading partner is the University of Maribor’s Faculty of Civil Engineering.

We will participate in two work packages, carrying out floodwater and sediment calculations along the barrage chain of the Austrian section of the Drau river.


Workpackage 2:
DRA-MUR-CI - WP 2 - catalogue of flood scenarios

Workpackage 3:
DRA-MUR-CI - WP 3 - suspended load transport