PI Mitterfellner

Hydraulic Engineering

Austria has all the resources for a 100 percent clean energy supply. Already, hydro-electric power is Austria’s number one source of electricity.

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River engineering

The recent occurrences of major flooding throughout Europe have highlighted the importance of taking severe weather and environmental conditions into account in regional planning.

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The predicted worldwide energy deficit and climate change call for innovative solutions, which the renewable energy resources of water, wind, sun and biomass play an important role.

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In the field of infrastructure we provide construction planning and supervision as well as completing grant applications for infrastructure projects.

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The increasing demand for fish as a foodstuff and Austria’s associated strategy for the promotion of fish farms is paving the way for an appealing source of income for agricultural enterprises as well as providing newcomers to this sector with a possibility of effectively investing their capital.

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As a sworn and certified surveyor for water power, hydro engineering structures, flood protection structures, hydro power structures and alternative power engineering Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Mitterfellner completes surveys both for courts (see http://mitglieder.gerichts-sv.at/Mitterfellner) and for private companies and individuals.

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